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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Paying it Forward

I returned from Singapore today after 3 full days of work-related meetings to find a pleasant little surprise in my mailbox. I'm going to be the very happy recipient of a care package all the way from Switzerland!

Just to give everyone some background details:

Previously, I read on Mabel's blog about the interesting concept of Paying it Forward, an idea based on the movie Pay it Forward starring Haley Joel Osment, Helen Hunt and Kevin Spacey to name a few. I have not watched the movie before but from what I gather, the idea is to do something nice for someone who in turn must pass the act of kindness on to other people and they to others in turn. Sort of like casting a web of kindness and good will that will hopefully go on infinitely.

It sounded like a very nice thing to be part of and I was lucky enough to be picked by Mabel. *big smile*

Hence in turn, I will be doing something nice (I have not decided what yet) for some of the readers of my blog. Unfortunately, because June is going to be an extremely busy month for me at work with lots of travel, I cannot promise that I will do it by this month, but I will definitely try to do it before the end of this year.

So simply, drop me a comment if you'd like to receive a bit of kindness to brighten up your day. Closing date 6-June-2008.

p/s non-bloggers can also apply

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Friday, May 23, 2008

Newly wavy

Pictured above is my latest hairstyle and I think most of you who know me would probably already have seen me in person with the new change.

Three weeks ago, my hair was at a messy shoulder length that was neither long nor short. Since I was growing out my previous sleek bob hairstyle, cutting it was not an option and I was really irked because my hair would be flat near the crown of my head while the strands at the nape of my neck would stubbornly stick out at awkward angles no matter how much conditioner/ serum I slapped on during or after a shower. Fed up with the unruly mess, I decided to perm it!

Problem solved! The stoically stubborn strands have now been transformed into gentle waves. The funniest comment by far on my new hairstyle is that it makes me resemble a cocker spaniel! Hahaha, I still like it anyhow....

I think it's a great way to grow out shoulder-length hair and because the styling involved is not more time consuming then with my previous style, it makes it totally cool. *big smile*

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Monday, May 12, 2008

Free Burger, Book Meme and Bobo

Today I did the Big Mac chant in 2.27 secs at McDs and won myself a free Big Mac (without onions). You're supposed to do it within 4 seconds if you want to win the free burger.

The chant goes:

Two all-beef patties,
Special sauce,
Cheese, lettuce, pickles, onions
On a sesame seed bun.

Talk about brilliant marketing, eh? I totally know by heart what goes into a Big Mac now! After a rubbish day at work, having dinner at McDs and winning a free burger through the somewhat childish but fun stunt was the highlight of my day.


Janvier tagged me with this Bookline Meme. I don't really see the point of this Meme, but since Janvier is a nice guy...


On with the Meme:

Pick up the nearest book (with at least 123 pages).Turn to page 123.Find the 5th sentence.Post the 5th sentence.Tag 5 people.

Nearest book is Lust, Caution by Eileen Chang.

"On one side, there was a small lot: black gravel and brownish grass, and a dark brown house with faded blue venetian blinds standing quietly in the rain."

I tag no one cause I'm feeling lazy.

I've been meaning to post Bobo's picture on my blog for ages, but some how never got around to it until recently when a turn of events brought Bobo onto my mind again.

Meet Bobo, the Rottweiler guard dog at my office.

Okay, maybe Bobo is a silly name for such a huge dog, but it's my own special petname for him. And honestly, Bobo's always been a sweet dog- he's never barked at me before.

I used to be very afraid of him when I first started working at my office though, and whenever I worked late (they let Bobo out between 9-10 pm) I would creep out of my office building's main doors, look warily left and right for the hulking beast, and sprint the 10 feet to my car, duck in and sink into my car seat with my heart pounding wildly. Hahaha. I exaggerate, but only by a bit.

My colleagues and I even used to joke that Bobo could be used as an excuse to justify to the Bosses Why We Cannot Work Late.

However, after a year of walking past his cage almost daily, I'm no longer afraid of Bobo. Since I usually park near his cage, I notice Bobo often has this mournful muka kesian and likes to poke his head out through his cage's iron grills to observe people's comings and goings and as if he wished he could join them. My heart goes out to him. Makes you almost feel like reaching out your hand and giving him a nice *pat pat* on the head, right?

Almost la...but not quite. I still daren't. :)


Sunday, May 11, 2008

My first ABCs

To me, the relationship between mother and daugher is an intricate, complicated, multi-layered one that is often barely understood by the people around them and sometimes, not even by themselves.

The relationship that I have with my mother is a guardedly love-hate one. No mushy "I love yous" on every other phone call for us and she's never been the one I turn automatically to for advice or comfort when I needed some badly.

Instead, my mother will be the first person to tell me that I've put on weight and could stand to shed a few pounds. Or that my new hair colour makes me look totally trashy. Or that a girl should not be "samseng" and do things like travel alone, drive long-distance alone or do high-risk sports like white water rafting. Or nag at me that "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach," because she despairs that cooking is not exactly something I adore.

She believes in telling the painful truth as it is, you see, because in her words verbatim- that she has repeated to me a million times over, "Your parents (mum) are the only people who will ever tell you truly what they think. Other people, hmppphh...they tell you only what you want to hear!" Sometimes, in a moment of hurt, I often try to convince myself that I've read more meaning into her words than she intended there to be.

But, my mother is also the first person who is game for a shopping trip. Her patience is boundless and she's forever suggesting I try out new trends like bubble skirts or long tops with belts, to which some suggestions I accept and others I beseechingly reply, "Mum, that's just not me!"

She's also the person who painstakingly made sure that we always had a wholesome, home-cooked dinner together as a family (no TV!) every night of the year, minus holidays and dinners outside, when my brother and I were still staying at home in Ipoh. After almost a decade of staying away from home, I truly appreciate her effort.

From my mother, I learnt the meaning of perseverance, discipline, self-restrain and composure and loving yourself enough to make time for taking care of your body and appearance.

But most of all, I am thankful that she taught me my first ABCs from a Ladybird hardboard book that she bought me for my first birthday, that I have a photograph of little one-year old me biting the apple (A is for Apple!) on the cover.

Without her, I couldn't have written this.

Happy Mother's Day, Mum!

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Sunday, May 04, 2008


How can something that appears so wrong, feel so right?
Can ingrained prejudices be put aside?
For they are oft unfounded
Advices given, asked for or not
Swirl tumultously in a whirpool of jumbled
Thoughts and emotions
Words parade
On the black screen neath the shut lids
The darkness of midnight embraces
When the world is quietest
The innermost essence, screams in silence
To be heard
Beneath the sheets you
Try and reach out for help
To decide, to choose
Tradition or intuition
Dare you not conform?

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