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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Choc Chip and Pecan cookies

I made some chewy chocolate chip cookies last weekend when I was home in Ipoh as some Christmas gifts for family, friends and colleagues. I used the recipe on Mabel's blog and cut down the sugar by 1/3. The cookies turned out sweet enough and almost everyone seemed to like them. *happy* Even my dad liked it which is saying a lot because he's the person with the least sweet tooth I know. :D I haven't baked anything for some time and I really had fun.
I'd definitely make them again, though I would be smarter and use the electric mixer rather than a hand mixer the next time to mix the butter and sugar cause it took really long and my arm was really tired at the end...but the product was well worth the effort!

Merry Christmas everyone and Happy New Year in advance!

p/s If you're a reader of my blog and recieved cookies from me (I know there are a lot of you!) and since it's also the Christmas season, why not do something nice for someone in return in the spirit of Paying it Forward?

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