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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Rubber band tales

It happened for the second time today at the gym.

As usual, I was running late for my RPM class fondly dubbed by me as the "Cycle your blues away (or at least attempt to) class". I searched frantically through my laptop bagpack, my gym back, overturned all the side pockets, hidden pockets at least three times...and I couldn't find a single rubber band or anything remotely string-like to tie my hair!

Haih. For a moment I seriously considered if I should snip off the waist-ties of my office dress as a hair-tie substitute.

Ah, the woes of having long hair.

The solution? I put on the thickest skin I owned and very nicely and humbly asked another girl whose locker was next to mine if she could spare me a simple rubber band to tie my hair so I wouldn't have to be the crazy girl in the bike class with hair plastered to her back in sweat. She looked surprised, and maybe thought my request was a little strange, but she very nicely obliged. In fact, on the two occasions, (yes, I put on a thick skin on two separate occasions) the girls I asked very nicely obliged.

Hence I conclude, sometimes it pays to not bother what people think and ask for what you need.

Alrighty, that's my annecdote for the day. Time to try to get some sleep.

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Sunday, September 27, 2009


Tonight is one of those nights when sleep simply cannot come to me.

My room light has been blinking in slow-mo Morse Code fashion, switched on and off by a restless me. I know not why I suffer this insomnia because I'm actually very tired especially mentally and emotionally.

I am sorry for neglecting my blog. I feel that much has happened in between my last post and now but yet, also so little. In many aspects, I think I've been walking around in circles. A question that was asked in the animated movie Coraline, struck a note with me, "How do you walk away from something, and then come towards it?" Walk around the world.
A pretty neat answer, I thought. That would explain how I seem to be right where I started all along- at the very beginning. Neither gaining nor losing. Not a bad thing, you might say. But in all honestly, I think this inertia eats at the very core of my being. Like if I ignore it long enough, one day I will wake up and I will no longer exist. Or at least, the me I am today will cease to be.

I do not know what is the point of this post. I do not also know what I can do to get myself out of this trying rut.

But the worst thing is, I'm old enough to know, nobody can help me figure this out.

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