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Saturday, January 29, 2005

New look, new ME?

Recently dyed my hair ‘copper’. My hair has been described as red, burgandy,bright red...

I kinda understand why it’s hard to stop dying your hair once you’ve started. It does give you a confident booster and makes me actually feel attractive. And when you feel attractive, you will be attractive, it’s all in the mind...

A recent quiz I did in CLEO placed me in the Ms. Independent and Ms. Nice Girl category. It was supposed to see if your parents had brought you up well. I agreed with the quiz, especially with the Ms. Independent analysis which said that I probably had a parent/parents with eccentric tempers that made me not want to trigger them and do things for myself. I was not afraid of doings things alone (true, though sometimes, it’s fun to have a bunch of friends), being alone, eating alone and find it hard to be interdependent on someone.

I’m writing an article on why some people are more attractive to mosquitoes then others. Seems these attractive people lack a ‘masking odour’ that some individuals have that make them unattractive to mozzies. Wouldn't it be great if there were some way invent an attraction scent for humans that would be something like a love potion that can be spritzed on like perfume?!! *hehe* Or perhaps a repelling scent to ward off unwanted attention!

I was reading an acquaintance's blog yesterday. She was talking about how she missed Melbourne initially in her blog and then on to her new job and bf and all. Feels like I can relate somehow, especially when she talks about how free she was in Melbourne and how she has to re-adept to Ipoh life, a city which everyone know’s everything about everyone. And how she longed to get out again when she initially didn’t have a job. Well, good for her as she is in Penang currently working for one of the software magnets.

Also, felt a twinge of sadness when she mentioned how much she missed Melbourne. Reminded me of the period when I just got back from UK and how much I missed Glasgow and the life there with all the ups and downs. But it's true that you need time to re-adept. And after a while, you get used..and you'll slowly start to see the beauty in your surroundings. It's the transition period that is the worst. I'm glad that I'm out of the transition period between houseman and this job. Though I must say, the transition period of UK-HUKM was one of the worst ever. *shudder* Don't ever want to experience that desperate, lost feeling ever again

Haven't been able to sleep well these few days. Too hot is one, mind is too active is another, un-fulfilled emotional well-being is most of all...How do I fulfill my emotional void? *sigh*