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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Of earring trees 'n such

My earring tree- don't you think it looks a bit like a Christmas tree? Or is it just the Xmas mood getting into me? ;)

I bought this earring tree in Suan Lum night market during my trip to Bangkok last week and I really like it very, very much. It really organizes all my earrings very well. No more mess of earrings on my shelf top or digging through my chest of mini drawers looking for the elusive matching pair to my earring when I'm in a rush to go to work or go out!

Hangs many, many pairs of earrings, you can even hang necklaces...Makes a pretty good Christmas gift for a girl with a penchant for accessories I'd think and with only 28 days left to Christmas, better start shopping for those gifts now! *hint hint* Anyway, I've seen it sold in KL before so just ask me if you'd like to know where to get it in KL! :)


I went swimming on Sunday night and did about 50 laps in my condo's not-so-large pool. As I was sitting catching my breath in the shallow end of the pool, one of the other swimmers, a guy whom I estimate to be in his 30s, came up to me and said, "Is that all? You're stopping now? How about 5 more laps?" Then he added, "You swim very well!!"

Hahaha...Was that a pick-up line? Hmm, can't be 100% sure since it was quite dark at the pool but he didn't particularly strike me as drop dead gorgeous plus the fact that I was clad only in my, admittedly modest, Speedo one piece...So I just said a demure "Thank you, but I'm gonna rest a bit more!" and left it at that. Seriously girls, what would you have said?!


I got a migraine attack yesterday while driving to work, I think it was the sunlight that triggered it because I forgot to take my sunglasses out from my travel bag or perhaps the fact that I jumped out of bed that morning in a real hurry! I've never had it before though. The attack started with spots of light dancing in my eyes- the feeling was as if I had just stepped out from a dark room into dazzling bright sunlight. Initially I thought it was the glare from the sunlight but in retrospect I realized that the morning wasn't a particularly sunny one. In fact, it was fairly cloudy. I somehow managed to drive the remaining 20 km to work where the nausea hit me and did not subside with the two Panadols (the only medicine I had with me) I popped. Overall, the attack lasted about 3 hours and left me with a residual throbbing at the back of my neck. Thankfully, I think the migraine was a mild one! My heart goes out to all migraine sufferers out there. IT'S SO NOT FUN. Nothing like first-hand experience to make you more empathetic, eh?

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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sleepless in Bangkok

Room at 5-star luxury spa and resort hotel= 6,200 Baht ++

House specialty dessert platter for two= 680 Baht ++

Margarita cocktail= 330 Baht ++

Ambiance at hotel rooftop restaurant with live slow jazz= Free

View from restaurant= Free

The perfect dinner companion= Priceless!

*sigh* Why can't money (or HSBC credit cards) buy everything??!!!!!!!!


Sunday, November 18, 2007

For Caring

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Monday, November 05, 2007

I *heart* tomato ketchup

Almost everyone who knows me knows that I'm a great big fan of the red "stuff" in combination with almost anything.

I also love tomato-based pastas, tomato-based soups, fried bee hoon/noodles with tomato sauce, french fries drenched in tomato sauce (to the point that some people tell me I'm eating tomato sauce rather then french fries!!), and all tomato-based dishes in general. Heck, when I was a kid, I even ate white bread smeared generously with tomato sauce! Weird combination huh? However, I draw the line at tomato juice! Cannot stomach that stuff, too weird!

I remember in Glasgow, my housemates and I were all HUGE tomoto sauce fans and we used to buy tomato sauce from Lidls (which was the cheapest grocery store in town, and one bottle of tomato sauce cost about 40p therabouts) by the cartons and we would split the carton of tomato sauce between us, about 4-5 bottles each, to carry back from the store to our apartment. We used to go through about one to two bottles of the stuff per week between the four of us, an amazingly scary consumption speed...hehe.

Being the discerning tomato sauce connoisseur that I am, Heinz tomato ketchup is my all-time favourite brand, with Del-Monte and Life tomato sauce tying for a close second place. So, can you imagine my sheer delight when my roomate ordered room service at our hotel room in Singapore and her club sandwich came with this:

Isn't that the tiniest, cutest, most amazing bottle of tomato sauce you've ever seen in your entire life?!!!!!!!!!!! I was so sorely tempted to call room service and ask them for extra tomato sauce. *sua ku face* Hahaha.

I can even cusp it in the palm of my hand...Amazing...

Hehe, I'm sorry if you don't share my passion for the stuff and had to read through this totally random and pointless post of mine!

Anyway, have a good night and aren't you glad Monday is over?!