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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Blue rice, Apple phones & plumes of ash

Blue nasi (rice), colouring traditionally obtained from a flower or maybe articifial nowdays.
Ayam percik (roasted chicken smothered with coconut gravy)
Other condiments consist of hard boiled salted egg, kerisik (roasted dessicated coconut) and Malay salad- raw bean sprouts & other finely sliced green vegs & some salted limes.

Hi! I'm writing this from Kota Bahru.

The above photo was my delicious dinner, which I took with my new iPhone *heart*. It's from a place in KB town called Yati ayam percik. They even have a Facebook fan page!

Close friends of mine would testify as to how much I don't like Malay food, and would probably be surprised I actually liked this, but honestly from the buttom of my heart, this place is good! The food is fresh, clean and not expensive. My meal cost me only RM 6.40.

If you're in KB, maybe you could drop by this place.

At the same time where I thank God for life's simple pleasures, I also want to wonder out loud: when is Iceland's volcano going to stop spewing ash so that normal air travel to Europe can resume?

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