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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

MB today, maybe not tomorrow

I hardly, if ever blog about politics and am not about to begin today.

But this latest circus in my homestate of Perak has me going what the %&@# x 10 everytime I so much so as browse The Star online these past two days and I just need to say this: "WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED TO OUR DEMOCRACY????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Politics is a murky cesspool and I think politicians are charlartans, the lot of them. But for goodness sake, please can you all not be so blatantly stupid and unjust. Makes me feel like tearing the heads off the idiots making the innane statements in the newspapers since they evidently, are not using their brains anyway. Better feed them to some hungry dogs.


Monday, May 11, 2009

A spoonful of Sugar

Pray please share with me if you know, the secret to swallowing the bitter pill of generic happiness.

It seems to some, the easiest thing in the world. Pop pill, sugar water, chug chug, swallow swallow. Plastered smiles etched on digital photograhs uploaded in droves. Conversations that echo of contriviality, shallowness and emptiness.

I wonder, is it me? Or is it them, selling themselves to what might be, the sneakiest, most successful marketing campaign ever- the marketing of the notion of what happiness is.

Oh, I'm smarter, I see through it...or do I really?

More and more I realize, that the spurious notion of happiness that has sold a thousand sappy movies, that we learnt was the ultimate goal in life in the less than wonderful schools we (I, at least) went to and read in fluff magazines and novels, might not be the ultimate destination.

Some, surely some are meant to walk the path less tread, for if not, wouldn't the glorious sights on those heartachingly gorgeous, but desolate paths, have been created in vain?

Who is to say that simply implying to deviate from this Godliest of Godly notions of Nirvana, when the mood hits me to offhand spout my regular smart-alecky glib comments, is, I've been told time and again in many times and many ways, being negative?

Truth be told, I'd like to be compliant. I'm a good girl, I am. I'd like to be able to take my bitter pill once daily deliciously laced with a sweet nectar wine, the flavour of ripe peaches on the vine, please!

Chug, chug, swallow, swallow pleasantly and live forever till the end of my time in this apocryphal bubble of intoxication.

But, if it were my destiny to live entrapped in a chimera, I'd like to know beforehand please. That's all I ask, thankyouverymuch.

Chug, chug, swallow, swallow. Life just became sweeter.