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Friday, December 31, 2004

Of blogs and chocolates...

Hey! This [blogging] is addictive, ever since I've set this up, I've felt the urge to post an entry everyday. To think that I was telling PL that I would never be a blogger. Almost as addictive as chocolates!

I had some of the Xmas chocoalate my colleague gave. Delicious! Smooth and creamy, with an crunchy, whole almond center. I don't know what makes chocolate so addictive...is it the sticky, creamy texture on the tongue or is it the mechanical, brainless, repetitive hand-to-mouth action??

Anyway(s), feeling rather down in the dumps. But A seems to be in a chummy mood, she's asked my opinion a lot of times today. From her pants to what to write and she even asked me if I would like to go to Jakarta with her! It feels nice that we are on much better terms now compared to when she just moved in.

That's besides the point, the point is, feeling kinda 'du-uh'. Especially since the meeting this morning. I've been doubting that I'm really suited for this job. My writing skills aren't exactly what they want. I don't really have a nose for "newsy" articles and I don't really like the idea of chasing doctors for interviews. It's actually a lot better now as I have a better idea of what is involved but the problem is that so much more is expected of me now! :( At this point, CC writing seems so much more attractive.

Went out with my aunt today for lunch. She called me, and initially didn't want to go but went when she told me that she had something she wanted to ask me. Ended up having 'kai si ho fun' at Jalan Gasing except we didn't have the 'ho fun', just chicken, meatballs and bean sprouts. Didn't manage to give her the information she wanted. I felt bad that I couldn't really help her. I might have a pharmaceutical background, but my current line of work and lack of experience certainly does now allow me to have such contacts. I bet YS would have handled the situation differently. She might not have the contacts, but she would have bluffed her way through and come out looking much nicer than I did...So much for me to learn in terms of people skills, contact-building skills, bluffing skills, writing skills, interviewing skills...why were all these skills not taught in schools?!

Regret sometimes not picking up more of these skills while in school and being more outgoing then. I know that what my parents said is partly true that these skills can be picked up after schooling days but what they might not have realized was that some experiences, once when they have passed you by, have passed you by forever.

You're never going to be at that exact same age, that exact same mentality and that exact same situation ever again in your life. Anyhow, regrets are not to be dwelt on. I just have to make the most of my life now...

Saturday, December 25, 2004

Christmas Eve

This is my first official post at my first official blog. I got infected by the blogging bug after reading a friend's and her friends' blogs. Plus at my current job, I have access to the internet the whole day and what with Streamyx at home and a lot of pent up fustration as well that I have no where to vent most of the time.

I'm currently sitting at my office desk, waiting for time to pass...

Since it's the 24th, have a half day's work. It's 11.23 am so there are 1 hour and 7 minutes before I can go home. I'm going back to Ipoh today. The office is quiet today with the Boss a.k.a "Miss Vader" not around *happiness!!*

One of my colleauges just gave me one of the most sincere compliments I've had in quite a while. She told me that I was 'very sweet' and that my hairstyle really suited me! I was shocked! I always thought that my hairstyle was a "kiddy" and I always wished that I had hair like Jennifer Aniston's.

Anyhow it's a nice feeling that she thinks that of me. I'm going to miss my colleague. She will be leaving in Janaury. As she started work around the same time as me, she's been one of my "kaki" to grumble and complain about the bosses. And she's a great person. (Not just because she complimented me )*hehe* It sucks big time that they don't want to extend her contract! Got through some tight situations with her.

OK, I need to go to the loo. Badly.