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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Weekend thrill

I abseiled down this 18m waterfall near Sg Kampar last Saturday. It was a scary yet exhilarating experience to be dangling from the end of a rope, feet immersed in cold water gushing over slippery rock and not knowing if your next step could possibly be your last...

Haha, OK so I'm overdramatizing. There were proper safety precautions in place and the rocks were a lot less slippery than I thought they would be. But still, not exactly something I would want to do every weekend for fun. Maybe just once in a while for that invigorating adrenaline rush! ;)


Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Rafa is Wimbledon champion!

Rafa and his signature trophy-biting pose. (Photo from EPA)

I've often wondered what goes through the minds of tennis greats when they are playing in these finals of finals at the most prestigious arenas that they can ever play in.

Watching the finals of Wimbledon on Sunday night, I could not even begin to imagine the sheer mental effort (on top of the obvious physical exertion) that Nadal and Federer somehow conjured up in their 4 hour 48 minutes match, the longest finals ever in the history of Wimbledon. I found myself musing as the match dragged to the fifth and final determining set after two rain delays at pivotal points in the game, "What could possibly be running through their minds now?" Are they thinking about all the effort, sacrifices and relentless training they've both put in so to reach this point in their tennis careers and how they simply had to win or are they just thinking innane stuff like what they're going to have for dinner after the match?

Hence, it was with interest that I read the excerpt of what Rafael Nadal, Wimbledon Champion 2008 wrote on his Times Online Wimbledon blog after his quarter-finals match with Andy Murray.

Lot of thoughts from last year came to my mind and believe me I felt good. It is funny how you (I do at least) always remember the good things from past situations. It is true that I also remember the bad ones but when something was in the end positive I tend to retain in my head the good memories. Well that's what happened to me today thinking about the rain and Wimbledon. True that I didn't win last year, I was close, but I still remember the good things.

I find it awe-inspiring that in those crucial moment at the Wimbledon finals, Rafa could possibly be thinking happy, happy thoughts to fuel him on mentally. I think it's pretty amazing how far positive thinking can bring you. Some motivation for me to be a more positive person! :)

I'm so happy for Rafa. I thought he thoroughly deserved the win...though I also felt for Federer, impeccably sportsman-like but still unable to hide the crushing disspointment after the match that was reflected on his beautiful, beautiful face. *sigh*

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Monday, July 07, 2008

Wimbledon Finals 2008: Nadal vs Federer

Arghhhhh...play has been suspended again for the 2nd time in the Wimbledon finals between Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer. It's as if the "vagaries of the British weather" (as repeatedly mentioned by the announcer) has a mind of it's own- stopping play at the most suspenseful moments!

First time it was when Nadal had already won two sets! And now, play is suspended at 2 sets Nadal, 2 sets Federer and the third game underway at a 40-40 deuce with two games to all! *nail bitting suspense*

Perhaps, it's trying to show us how evenly matched these two tennis players are. I'm actually experiencing dejavu, because once again, like last year, I can't decide who deserves to win more! Both so skilled, both so strong physically and mentally and both so beautiful...*Le sigh*

Why must there be only one winner?!!

Oh play has resumed!


Sunday, July 06, 2008

An engagement, A newborn baby and Happily ever afters

There've been a flurry of happy events recently in the lifes of some wonderful people whom I hold very dear and close to heart.

My ex-roommate in college got engaged to my ex-boss! He proposed to her in Florence, Italy! And check out the gorgeous engagement ring below. Very fairytale like ,eh? But for me, most fabulously of all is that, they met each other in Sydney, through ME when I visited! I wasn't even originally supposed to share a room with my roommate if it weren't for the fact that her original roommate had dropped out of the course at the last minute! It's a marvel that everything turned out just the way it should be. So happy for the both of you RG & CL!

Isn't that a huge rock?!!! Haven't managed to ask her how many carats it is! Hehe.

Another close friend of mine delivered her baby today (technically, it should be yesterday since it's already after 12 midnight)! Isn't he so pink and cute all bundled up in the blanket? Geo and TV, I hope you don't mind me posting this picture of your son online to share with the world even before the both of you! I'm just too excited and happy after all the anticipation, more so for the both of you I'm sure. CONGRATS to the both of you!

Freshly-minted one day old face! Ahh..the wonders of MMS!

So, today is a happy, happy day. Riding on the hope and happiness of my friends, I might even be willing to concede that personal happily ever afters, exist.