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Friday, February 09, 2007

Will you ever get a second chance?

Yummy, fragrant chicken rice balls @ Melaka! I thought the balls would be much larger (about the size of a tennis ball!) but they were actually only the size of a ping pong ball...haha.

They were chatting over a lunch of chicken rice.

He was complaining about his fiancée’s “money-vacuum cleaner” of a mother and family. About how he was expected to fork out RM 1,200 for a lavish dinner consisting of dishes like ‘Buddha jump over-the-wall’ and other traditional Chinese delicacies for the girl’s family and extended relatives in just a casual weekend trip back to the girl’s hometown. And the blatant hints the matriarchal dictator had been dropping about gifts she wanted for CNY including, bird’s nest, shark’s fin, abalone…

“She’s not marrying off her daughter! She’s selling her!” he exclaimed in frustration.

“I really can’t afford this, I need to pay for the new car, the new house…”

Then he look at her straight in the eye and said enviously, “You’re so lucky, your boyfriend’s parents seem nice, not money-crazed! They'll never 'sell' their own kid. And definitely not your parents!”

Definitely not your parents.
Definitely not your parents.
Definitely not your parents.

She listened to his rants and then she said, “Well there was a chance, a possibility once, in the non-so distance past, that my parents could have become your parents-in-law.”

“But you weren’t interested then, and like most great things in life, if you let it slip by you, it's gone forever.”

“It’s too late to change your mind now. And you’ll have to live with the fact that you missed your chance at something that could have been the best thing in your life!” she concluded with a whimsical smile

That’s what she really wanted to say. Because of past rejections, past hurt, past disappointments.

But instead, all she said to him was, “Don't worry. Things have their own way of working out fine. At least your girlfriend has a job now and she understands your situation, right?”

Chances come and go in just a blink. When you pass one up and live to regret it, you should count yourself truly blessed if a second chance comes knocking on your door. If ever.

Many people just live out their lives regretting the chances that they should have taken. The missed opportunities.

But the big question at the end of the day is: How do you decide which chances in life are the rare gems not worth giving up?


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