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Saturday, April 18, 2009

You'll always be my Baby

You are the best thing that I've ever called my own.

Despite you being my most expensive investment to date, I believe that every cent I've ever spent on you has been worth it through and through.

Although I've hurt you in the past, and in so many different ways too, you've never stopped being there for me- through the brightest of sunny days and the most violent of thunderstorms.

We've gone places together- Ipoh, Penang, Cameron Highlands where we've cruised through journeys on smooth-flowing highways and excursions through narrow, winding roads with sharp almost 90 degree bends where we were blind to what was lurking around the corner and we've survived, simply by the inherent trust that we have in each other's abilities.

I've learnt to handle you so well, and we fit together seemlessly, as if somewhere in our past life, we were a single entity. You were an extension of me, and I of you.

When I'm apart from you, I miss you and long for you to be at my side. I can't imagine how I lived without you in my life before, and I couldn't imagine living a life without you now.

You are my independence, my most cherished posession and my pride.

Without you, I am crippled and life ceases to have meaning.

After 3 years (come May 20, 2009) of being together, I would like to say thank you my Baby, for everything! I love you so much!

My Baby car with a fresh new coat of paint, looking almost brand new! I imagine her to be smilling and basking in all her shining glory :D

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