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Thursday, July 28, 2005

My feelings at work...

Sometimes, a picture paints a thousand words....Enough said.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

My Baby!

It's late and I can't sleep as usual. Decided to write about something that is close to my heart...my BABY a.k.a my beloved 1.5 Proton Wira Aeroback...

It's just over two months since I got her. Dad officially handed over the keys to me on the 20th of May 2005. Never have I felt so much affection for an inanimate object before.I really love her! Perhaps it's because I've waited so long to get her or perhaps, because I took out all my savings to put down a downpayment for her with mum and dad making up the rest. Though it hasn't been long that I've had her, I can't imagine what I would do without my trusty little baby...

Gone are the days having to depend on erractic bus schedules, waiting by the roadside for ages while breathing in evil smelling exhaust fumes, putting up with sex-maniac/rude/innane taxi drivers and allocating at least one hour plus for a journey that would take a mere 15 minutes by car. Also, gone are the days when I would arrive at the office with a trickle of sweat down my back and feeling all hot and totally "unfresh" for a long day at work. And I can wear high-heels sandals, my favourite kind!!A bit bimbo-tic eh??? Not having to trudge from the LRT station to the office and up the hill from the bus stop to my apartment where wearing heels equals to sheer torture, on both heels and person.

Sure, expenses on pertrol, toll, and car maintenance has shot up too, but it's worth every single cent of it I say!Hehe...

Baby and I have gone quite a way. Been to KL city center, Kepong, Sunway, Cheras, basically the Klang Valley, drove from KL-Ipoh and Ipoh-KL as well...So smooth on the road, though like other automatic cars, the pickup is a bit slow.I'm not much of a car expert or enthusiatist...as long as it can take me to where I want to go safely and comfortably, is enough for me.

Unfortunately my baby is sick now...was involved in a car accident 2 weeks ago. Imagine my heartache despite it being a minor one. Carelessness on my part. Reversed into a wall at PJ Hilton after panicking when I attempted to make an illegal turning out to Jalan Barat ( I didn't realize it was illegal at that time!) and encountering two other cars who were turning in and an angry PJ Hilton guard...

Ouch...the damage dosen't look too bad from the picture, but I've gotten two quotes and both have told me that it will cost me a whopping RM 600 to fix it all- bumper, lights and re-spraying. I asked my parents to enquire in Ipoh and dad told me today that it would cost only half the amount in Ipoh. Don't know if that's true as the mechanics haven't seen the car...Mmmm...still deliberating what to do. Taking this in a positive light by telling myself, this is a lesson to be learnt- be less careless next time, and count my blessings that no other car or person was involved!

Monday, July 25, 2005

Half-blood prince and Gym

The two subjects in the title have been what's been keeping me busy for the past week.

I finished Harry Potter in two days, reading from my trusty laptop in a PDF file format. *Hehe* Yup, I was lucky enough to get my hands on a 'fan pan' ie pirated version of Harry Potter from a friend, which at first, I wasn't even sure was a genuine reproduction of the original. Half way through the first chapter, I thought I recognized J.K. Rowling's style and half way through the third chapter, I decided, heck, even if it wasn't an original storyline of "Harry Potter and the Half-blood prince" it was a darn good imitation and deserved me reading it to the end. Turns out, it WAS the original version! I checked with my colleague who pre-booked and shelled out the required RM 99.90 to get it at MPH on the breathlessly awaited release date- July 16th.

Well, I found the book an enjoyable read with good laughs aplenty. However, the death of a pivotal character I found to be too tame, too easy, and I didn't really like what the ending hinted at- that Harry wasn't going to be returning to Hogwarts...hmmm..but I suppose it's up to Rowling to twist the storyline of Book 7 to any way she wants to...

I've been thinking of joining a gym or fitness class for a while now. And last weekend, checked out some places in Bangsar which is the nearest place to offer any fitness facilities near my place other than Fitness First at Menara Axis. Found two places in Bangsar- Yoga2Health and Lifestyle Health and Fitness which has a gym and classes. The lifestyle place called me up on Thursday telling me that they were offering me a 7 day trial of their facilities. So the next day after work, went to check it out. Their facilities are not bad, small but compact with the usual threadmills, step machines, bicycles, the machines where you climb steps and work your arms as well, a fair assortment of other machines for working out your biceps, triceps, butt muscles..etc..Found the weights area a bit cramped though and they didn't really have a good place for stretching exercises or sit ups on mats. The changing rooms were adequate. Of course, compared to FF, this is place is not as swanky. I haven't had the chance to join any classes yet but from what I've seen of the timetable, the timing isn't very good- imagine Pilates at 9.30 am on a Monday morning. I can just imagine my boss's face when I tell her the reason I'm late is that I had to attend a pilates class...

The staff at the gym were friendly but not intrusive, the other members seemed normal and down-to-earth enough. Nobody with super beautiful bodies in skin tight spandex that would make feel inferior to my very core...hehe...I think the place needs more evaluation. I've only used one of my seven free passes, so still have lots of time to decide whether or not to sign up for it.

Getting late, I need my beauty sleep...*yawn*

Friday, July 15, 2005


So why does she call her blog 'Not Just Another Pretty Face?'

I'm sure it's a question that must have crossed your mind when you first came across my blog.

Honestly, to satisfy your curiosity, it was just something that popped into my head one fine day. Maybe I read it somewhere. I don't really remember. I've used it sometimes as a pseudonym when writing in to magazines & newspapers while I was in school and college.

I think I like the phrase because it's catchy and I also like the puzzled look people give me when I tell them my blog address. It's like "njap-what??!" most of the time. Haha.

Perhaps, in my own subtle way (and I can be very subtle), it's my way of poking fun at the superficiality of the world today. A reminder to myself that although looking good is important, it's worth so much more to strive to be not just another pretty face.

I think I'll keep this entry short and sweet.

I hope you all enjoy reading my blog! I'd love to hear from you. Constructive comments are always welcomed!