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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Bye bye laptop?

I know I've been missing in blogging action for a bit. My dear laptop decided to go on strike. Can't seem to get my Wi-fi card to work after getting my laptop reformatted.

We're currently "borrowing" our neighbour's Wi-fi after my housemate cancelled our home Streamyx line due to sheer frustration on their unreliable service and unhelpful Call line.

Poor me, no internet, no blogging, no MSN, no blog hopping at home for almost a month now.

I miss my blog and blogging! So, am sneaking in some time during work to blog. Haha. Oh, have just shifted to a new workstation! Haha. I love it! It's a lot more private, with my back facing a wall rather than my old place which had my back facing a walkway.

I know a new laptop is relatively "cheap" nowadays- my colleague told me that you can get a Dell laptop for under RM 2,000 if you buy online and install your own MS office. Sounds so tempting...

After all, my laptop is 4, going on to 5 years old already. Oh, but then there's that new digital Canon Ixus camera I want, and Osim uZap (I've personal testimonials that it really, really works at melting away the inches if you are concientious at Zap Zap Zap-ing daily!). Also trips to save up for, money to give to parents, money to pay for my car, money for petrol, money for handphone bills, money to put aside for a rainy day stash. Money for a quicky-PMS fix of Starbucks hot chocolate.

How leh? All also money. Aiyo.

$$$: it isn't everything, but it's most definitely SOMETHING. *sigh*