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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Shades of grey

I used to think I had a heart of stone because I never cried when watching movies no matter how much of a tear-jerker it might be for others.

I also remember not shedding a single tear when a certain BM teacher left my school in Form 1 despite my entire class -45 or so 13-year old girls - quietly started sobbing at her emo-parting speech. To be honest, I found it fairly comical (but dutifully controlled my mirth after being admonished by the girl sitting next to me for being "heartless") that everyone was touched by a speech of a teacher we weren't particularly fond of, or at least I wasn't. It pretty much sucked though because the incident made me feel "different" from the other girls.

It's funny now how a decade or so later, I feel a warning stinging of emotions in my eyes at moments where I previously wouldn't have understood why people would cry, like say a scene in a movie or a wedding.

A wedding is supposed to be a happy event, right?

Life exists in shades of grey, and oft' dreary,
Neither stark black nor pristine white,
Perhaps it's best viewed through rose-tinted glass.

I think it's mostly happy but yet, at the same time, a bit sad. One of my closest friends from college and Uni got married today.

We've known each other for eight years and it's really been a journey, a rites of passage if you will, from 18-year olds floundering in an alien environment to twenty-something adults finding their niches in life. How far we've come, how much we've changed! Many are the obstacles and heartache she has had to endure to reach this stage in her life and I sincerely hope the future holds much, much more of the nicest things and just little pebbles of unhappiness for her.

CONGRATULATIONS Geo and Tze Vernn!! I dedicate this post to to your joyous, once-in-a-lifetime occasion!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

I hear dead people!


I jolted awake in shock and automatically checked my mobile phone for the time- 4.55 am. WT%&*@#? In my semi-concious state I wondered if someone had really just knocked violently on my door or I had dreamt it.

Then I saw a sliver of bright, flourescent light shining through the crack under my door. My housemate must be awake. Crap, what now, I groaned silently. Groggily, I got out of bed, stumbled through the quasi-darkness and opened my door to see...

My housemate holding a badminton racket with two hands like a baseball bat and looking around our hall like she expected someone to pounce on her any minute! (It seems hilarious now, but I wasn't very amused at that time, what with an important appointment at work the next day)

She claimed she heard some sounds coming from the roof and suspected that there was someone trying to break in/do something funny/practise Tai-Chi on our roof. So she banged on my door to check with me if I had heard anything.

Caught up in her bout of paranoia, we waited for the guards (which she had telephoned) to come and "check" our apartment's roof. Basically they came, walked one round around our hall, told us they didn't have any ladders to do any clambering and claimed the noise was just rats scampering around the ceilingboards. (which quite possibly, they were)

I only went back to bed at 5.45 am and didn't sleep a wink until about 15 mins before my alarm clock went off.

That was yesterday night. Today I'm terribly fatigued and counting the days till I can move out.

Friday, April 13, 2007

The buzzwords in your life

I attended a funeral today and something the pastor said in his eulogy strucked a chord with me.

He said that there are many phases in one's life, each with different things we focus on: the moment you are born is the first phase where it's all about expedited physical growth eg, an infant can put on about half a pound in one month (extrapolating that equals to almost 5 kg in a year!). Next comes childhood where the keyword is "play", followed by adolescence which is all about learning and absorbing new experiences. Then, according to him, as young adults, one yearns to find someone to love and wants to be loved back.

Next comes [sucky] adulthood where the buzzword is "busy." Last but certainly not least, comes death, where you return to be with your Savior.

Any takers to guess which phase of life I'm currently in? If you haven't already guessed, It's the busy, busy, busy one!!

So many things I want to write down so I can remember them, but I lack the time to do it. The best way I can think of to do it is to list them down in snippets.


I had an extremely "memorable" birthday this year because it ended in a visit to a clinic. I experienced a fairly severe anaphylactic reaction from eating fish and mussels at Somerset Grill in Taman Tun. About 15 minutes after the meal, I felt extremely flushed and had a pounding headache all through the journey home which I thought might be attributed to tiredness. When I got out of the car, I felt nauseous and I saw white spots in my eyes, and would have had a blackout. Luckily I wasn't alone or driving at that time if not I might not be here to tell the story! Then, I noticed that my face was very flushed and arms were splotchy red. Immediately went to the nearest 24-hour clinic where the doctor made me swallow two tabs of prednisolone and two tabs of Piriton on the spot. Doc said the dizziness was due to blood vessels swelling in my brain! The external flushing didn't subside and spread to my neck, torso, even my feet and toes and lasted about 3 hours after I took the medication. It was an unforgettable night indeed and I couldn't sleep because the night was already hot (I don't have air con) and my flushing made it even hotter! I also had to catch a bus to Singapore the next day, which luckily was at 11 am and not a super early one.

Also, subsequently discovered the reason why I always received lilies on my birthday when I don't particularly like the flower. Ask me personally if you really want to know why!


I went down to Singapore twice and watched the Phantom of the Opera twice in the span of two weeks. One personal and one sponsored. But I don't mind! Heehee. I love the songs! "Think of me, think of me fondly, when we've said goodbye. Remember me, once in a while, promise me you'll try." The lyrics are so, so good!


I learnt a whole bunch of new acronyms like CRF, TMF, LSC, ISM, COM, SUSAR. And many more I still can't remember off-hand. Sigh.


I'm blogging this with my new laptop. It's a HP Compaq nc6400. Nice, if a bit heavy!