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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Colourful iced little gems

One of my fav childhood tidbits- little gem biscuits. Actually I still kinda like 'em now, colouring and all :)

I went home to Ipoh for a long weekend last week. My work schedule coincided with my play and managed to get 5 whole days at home.

In the days preceeding to my much needed reprieve up North from the crazy madness that KL often is, I looked forward longingly to those 5 days and "carrotized" it to get through my challenging week ie, I was the burdened donkey plodding stolidly along and Ipoh was the carrot, always dangling tantalizingly close but always a fraction of an inch out of reach.

Funnily enough though, within the span of a few hours back home in Ipoh, I remembered clearly once again all the reasons why I chose to work and live in KL in the first place.

Because Ipoh is the kind of place where you would garner more attention at the local kopitiam if you were a pair of gays holding hands/ a girl dressed in a skimpy cleavage-bearing top smoking a ciggie than if you were sloppily dressed in a holey T-shirt and Bata slippers without a scrap of make-up on, hair askew.

It is the kind of painfully conspicuous place where anonymity does not exist and it would be surprising if you went out to run a simple errand and didn't bump into anyone you know, or your parents know, or know you/ your siblings (not necessarily vice versa!), or know your parents...

Quintessentially, it is the kind of place where it is a city by name but innately, still a quaint small town. Exactly as I left it 10 years ago.

When I'm at home, I cannot wait to leave. But when I'm away for too long, I miss and yearn for it's familiar, comforting embrace. It's been a trend I've noticed in myself for years and I've never managed to exactly place or describe the feeling.

Is this unconditional love? Loving something for everything that it is? Is it blind, obstinate, stupidity? Or is it just an idyllic comfort zone to recharge worn-out batteries?

I guess, in a way, it's a place where I remember what I used to be. A time of youthful naivete and ideals. While I don't exactly yearn to turn back time, I like to pause sometimes in the frenatic pace of growned-up life and return, if only for a while, to the simplicity that I once knew.

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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Work, YogaZone, Kenko Fish Spa

Good riddance!

Late Friday evening, 62 boxes of paperwork were sent out for archiving.

Finally, after months of anguish, tears, blood and sweat, the work on the vomit-inducing project is over. At times, I really thought it would never end. I hope to God I won't need to see any of the documents ever again!

On Saturday morning, I decided I really needed to get my yoga fix after denying myself the whole week. Imagine my horror when I saw the whole front of the centre splattered in bright red paint! Apparently, this is the 2nd time this has happened.

I thought this kind of thing only happened in movies. Check out the loan shark poster pasted on the tree. How ironic.

Though I knew it wasn't blood, it still felt as if it was the scene of a brutal murder. :( I hope the management/finance problem at YogaZone is sorted out soon and classes can return to normal scheduling with no more unpleasant surprises such as this for us members. Yoga is afterall supposed to calm the mind, body and soul not induce nightmares!

After the stress and unpleasant surprise(s) of the week, I decided that a reward was overdue and proceeded to allow fish to nibble at my feet on Saturday evening.

My feet being nibbled by the tiny fish..the customary fish spa picture :)

Haha. I finally tried out Kenko Fish Spa at Pavillion (5th Floor near GSC) after reading so much about it in the newspaper and in many blogs.

My opinion? It's very ticklish at first (I'm a pretty ticklish person to begin with) and I couldn't stop giggling when I first submerged my feet in the pool. But after a while, it feels like you have pins and needles. I wasn't brave enough to try the pool with the really big fish though (about 8-10 cm in length) and stuck with the pool where the fish were the tinniest (about 1.5-2 cm). My friend was braver though, and he said the sensation with the bigger fish felt like sandpaper rubbing against your skin.

The results? Well, honestly, I didn't really feel any difference in the smoothness of my calves and as for the soles of my feet, I've had more noticeable results from pedicures. That being said, I would probably go again, if just for the novelty and fun of it.

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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Little Black Dresses are Forever

She strolled into the shop of her favourite downtown boutique which housed an eclectic selection of dresses, tops, skirts and accessories from promising local designers where most items were unique and often sewned by hand.

"I'm looking for a party frock, something simple."

She browsed the shop's selection of dresses leisurely, pulling out any garment that caught her eye and examining it meticulously, checking the dress down to every tinniest embroidered, sequined and beaded detail. It was as if she was trying to figure out how the designer had assembled the garment and if there were any hidden surprises waiting to be discovered.

From time to time, she would hold up a dress in front of her and look into the full-length mirror. With her head tilted to one side, she contemplated her reflection.

Does the essence of this reflect who I am?
Will it complement me?
Or in fact, will it flatter me?
From past experience, this never worked, will it this time?

"My dear, that's quite a selection you've got there. I think you should try them on. You can't tell whether it'll suit you unless you do!"

A Morning Glory-purple satin halter number by Uply, with gold rings around the tie and pleats from the bodice softly falling in folds till mid-calf. Love the colour, unsure about the trimmings, doesn't hug at the correct places, length is Granny-like.

A short creamy-white tube dress with a sweetheart neckline and gentle folds at the bodice by ChaiLatte. Bejewelled brooch to be pinned at empire waist sold separately. Looked much better on the mannequin, length is sexy but the cut unflattering, without the brooch the dress would be boring with a capital "B".

A flamingo-pink, cotton halter neck with empire waist, sequinned details below the bodice, ties at the back by 1Ton. Neckline is too plunging, nice beading details on the tie, the way the dress falls from the waist is too full.

"Here, try this black one."

Black, spaghetti strapped, tierred dress from some kind of sheer-flowy see through material lined underneath with black satin.

She looked doubtfully at the dress. Definitely not something she would normally try on. Not her taste at all.

She checked the lable of the dress- LSY. Whoa, surely not the designer who won the award in Milan recently?

Her flightly, frivolous, tracherous heart egged her to try it on even before asking for the price. You never know until you try. Give yourself a chance, it might fit and so what if you need to pay a little bit more?

But it looks flouncy, a little forward in a trashy way and loud. Not you at all. This look and cut of dress never worked before. What're the chances it'll work now?

Oh heck, what is there to lose?

She slipped the gown over her head. It slipped easily over her body, soft cool satin sliding over bare skin and surveyed the mirror in trepedition.

The dress hugged and accentuated the places it should and skimmed gently over other places. The tiers fell in soft, alluring folds just above the knee.

Perfection, it seemed, redeemed the previous boo-boos.

Walking out of the shop, she surveyed her sales receipt in satisfaction. Not such a high price to pay afterall.

She balled it in her fist and unceremoniously dumped it into the nearest trash can.

Oasis's Don't Look Back in Anger, played overhead. Humming along, she walked towards the parking lot.

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