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Friday, September 30, 2011

A simple little place called home

Living room. *heart*
With only 3 months to go until the end of the year, I think I may safely declare that the best thing I did this year was to move into my own place.

This is actually a long overdue post as I physically moved a couple of months ago but honestly, I have only really settled in the past week or so when finally, the last touch ups and renovations were complete and I finally got my high-speed Internet up and running. I'm still missing tables (I don't have a single table, be it writing, dining, coffee or ornamental) and some other furniture, curtains and knicks and knacks for the rooms but more or less the place is comfortably habitable.

My T&Co inspired blue shoe cabinet. This photo does not do it justice! :) Yes these are ALL MY SHOES! Finally I have enough space to store them all.

It hasn't been an easy process and it has tested every ounce of my strength physically, mentally and emotionally throughout these past 5 months or so. Groping in the dark on things alien to me, fear of being cheated and trying to create a place that was very me and that I would really look forward coming home to every day but at the same time not cost me an arm, a leg and a heart in the process certainly took its toll on me and there were occasions I felt very streched, overwhelmed and spent.

Was it the most difficult thing I did this year? Honestly, among the hardest and I've had to do many difficult things this year.

Was it worth the trouble? Certainly yes. Nothing worth it is ever easy I think. And as I sit here in my living room on my couch, writing this post on my laptop in the quietly cool atmosphere with soft, muted lighting, I feel incredibly at peace. This is truly a place to call my own. I personally chose every single piece of furnishing, tile, colour of paint, cabinet material and colour, placement of electrical & lighting points & electrical appliance in my home. It is not perfect but I think I captured the essence of what I wanted.

And in my little haven, I am my own person. It is all about me and what I need and want.

Joyously, I find my serenity.
Master bathroom with lotsa space for my beauty & personal care odds and ends and my kitchen, still not used to it's fullest potential yet thus far ;)

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