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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

28 March- My 24th Birthday

I'm so happy, my 24th Birthday was one of the best and most memorable ones ever. It was filled with people that I care about and things that I enjoy doing. Many unexpected people remembered my birthday and I have never felt so loved in my life. So popular, so accepted.

Thanks to everyone who made my day an extra-special and memorable one.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Unexpected highs and lows

A suddent burst of adrenaline, a sudden jolt of piercing happiness. A high, like no alcohol shot or ecstasy pills can give you (not that I've tried any) - the high of pure happiness, that puts a bounce in your step and a glow to your face. Highs come unexpectedly. Had a good day at work really.

Enjoyed talking with my colleagues, enjoyed their company more like it and manage to get quite a bit done despite sleeping only 4 hours the night before. I had drank tea and also, half way through my slumber, a close friend called me crying about her personal stuff.

Managed to slip some chatting on Yahoo! in between work as well. Found out that one of my colleagues had been in a serious 8 year relationship. So serious that they actually had bought a house together. Just goes to show that too long, isn't good.

After work, headed to go to Times Square to try a pair of slacks that I spotted a few days ago and had been pinning for and also get the tickets back to Ipoh at the same times since I was already in the vicinity. I boared the bus to Pudu in a charmed state, spent the journey there thinking about the good day that I had.

When I was walking towards Pudu to get the tickets, PL called me and told me that her appointment had been cancelled and that she wanted to meet up. Anyway, the pants were a dissapointment. They didn't fall nicely at the ankles. A tad too short for heels which is usually what I wear slacks with anyway. Met up with PL. Had dinner at Dave's Deli in the midst, my stomach started cramping and we had a minor dispute over the post office.

Partly my fault for appearing sure that I knew the location. I didn't mean to appear sure that I knew the location, just that I had been there before, once, a long time ago, before I even moved in to Pantai Hillpark. So the high of the early evening, gave way to a lo, and feeling way lo now especially with my cramps. Don't think I can sleep, so might as well go join YS for cantonese serial and hope tomorrow will be a day of unexpected highs...