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Monday, March 28, 2011

Being happy right here, right now

Random slices of happiness from top left clockwise 1) Creme Brulee- one of my favourite desserts- been craving for a good one for months! This one was decadent and worth it's weight in fat! 2) Fresh scallops on rice with ebiko, a serendipitous discovery ;)  3) Celebration with some of the favourite people in my life 4) Organic Jasmine green tea, almond biscuits and almond body scrub- stuff guaranteed to cheer me up, all purchased on the same day, and coincidentally in various hues of green 

Recently I met someone who told me that to be happy, you had to live in the moment, in the sense that you really savoured each and every tiny morsel of that slice of time, to taste the full-bodied flavour of each serving through every sense that is humanly available to us- smell, touch, taste, sight and sound.

If at each point of time, we could successfully do that, we could be truly happy all the time and because that happiness comes from within ourselves, we would not have expectations on others to make us happy and be dissappointed and sad when they fail us time and again.

The idea although simple and not particularly novel, made sense to me as it has occured to me on many occasions that the reason why I find happiness to be fleeting is because I spent time worrying about what I should have done and what I should do, rather than enjoying the time that I am happy. To train my mind to that level of discipline and not for it to stray and wonder along the idle but very damaging "coulda shoulda woulda" train of thought is the hardest challenge for me I think.

Since today is a pivotal coming of age milestone for me of turning 30, I'd like to consciously take a teensy weensy baby step towards that state of peaceful bliss for my own sake- as a gift to myself.

As I write this, I am happy, and I'm savouring the perfect uniqueness of the moment.