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Monday, July 24, 2006

Where have all the blog posts gone?

Sorry, I haven’t been updating regularly. There've been a number of factors behind the lack in posts of late…

Firstly, my laptop is still in the workshop! GAH! Hard disk failure, it shouldn’t take so long to change a hard disk, I know. But the guy at MidValley tells me that he can’t open the hard disk compartment to change it?!! Something about damaged screws. I dunno. But it frustrates the hell out of me that my laptop has been in and out of repair for the past 4 months. Ever since my US trip in mid-March, it’s been acting crazy. I just called the laptop guy and he told me, there’s nothing he can do to repair it. Anyone has any ideas on what to do or where to go to get my laptop repaired?

Plus Blogger has been acting up. Hasn't allowed me to upload photos! As a result have three half written posts in Draft which I abandoned in sheer GAH-ness after failing to upload my photos.

Also, I haven’t had much mood to blog, or write anything in general lately. Writing and editing for work already saps so much out of my mental writing creativity. Where writing used to be fun and therapeutic, I do it now just to fill pages, to meet datelines (my boss at my review said, “meeting datelines aren’t everything” BAH!) and ultimately, to maintain my financial independence.

On good days, editing gives me a headache. On bad days, it gives me a pounding one.

Couple that with all the requests to accommodate, ad deferments, and lacking writerpower, I’m at a hysterical-tear-my-hair-out point.

I guess of late, I’ve been feeling really jaded with my job. A point where I have to summon every ounce of my willpower each day, to drag myself out of bed every morning to trudge to work. Thank goodness for the daily morning wake up phone calls! If not, I think I’d just call in sick daily. Haha.

But is this the breaking point yet?

I ponder, at touching two years at my job come this September, is it time to move on yet or am I just getting bored too easily? Dare I venture into a new career path? Do I really want to give up writing as a profession?

It isn’t everything I thought it would be. Yes, I get to travel on assignments, but always alone. No proper training or team building for the editorial team. We’re left to grow wild, and yet, expected to grow harmoniously and prune ourselves neat and tidy on demand. How can we bloom when you don’t nurture us?

Always demanding, rarely giving. That’s the unfortunate way I see it. When will they ever learn?

For the moment, I think I’ll just hang on (for the lack of promised land on the horizon), but I hope there’ll be a life boat if I bail and not a Karken ala Pirates, giant suckers and all, descending on my Black Pearl to capsize it before I jump ship.

On a positive note, I haven't had much time to blog also because I've been spending a significant amount of time with a certain LAD. We went to Ipoh last weekend. Ate. Slept. Ate somemore. Watched Pirates. Ate again. Went for a walk. Ate. Ate. Ate. Need to diet or to buy Osim uZap soon.

But oh, what is the use? I'm doomed to walk the Path of Glutton-y. I'm headed back to Ipoh, again, this weekend for my mum's birthday. Bye bye waistline, hello double chin.

Haha. I'm just kidding.

At the moment, Ipoh is my haven. My oasis of calm in turbulent waters.