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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Cryptic Text Message

I think I may be the very happy owner of an I-Phone, but I can't say for sure and am trying hard not to jump for joy yet.

I await in curious anticipation.

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Monday, December 07, 2009

Smells like rotten fish

Today, I need to rant about XYZ (not her real name). I find her to be someone immensely distasteful. An effing prick, if only she had one.

So what, you're a doctor. I give you credit that you are confident enough to proudly tell everyone you used to practice as a GP during the introduction session. But did you have to bring it up again when we were discussing something else not related to you? "Too bad, I'm a doctor. Cheek, forehead, is totally different to me from face." To me this just reeks of boastfulness like you're so afrad that we don't know what your qualifications are. Being a doctor, does not make you a better person than any of us! We are so not beneath you, you idiot!

During lunch, the waitress missed out a third option on the menu. That does not give you the right to raise your voice at her and pull a disgruntled face. It does not give you the right to say that she has attitude problem. It does not mean the rest of us want to hear you rant about how Malaysians are too accomodating (and not so subtly imply that we, the rest, are also included) hence the lack of quality service unlike in Singapore & Hong Kong. If you love those places so much, and they are all so wonderful to you, by all means please move your fat ass over there and stay if they want you. I certainly will not miss you.

During a group discussion, with a convoluted problem to solve, you have no effing right to be so rude to tell a stranger (a mere production manager) that they look blur. And when I try to help that person, tell ME to mind my own business. Who died and left you the Iron Lady? This was where I couldn't stand it anymore and proceeded to defend myself and have a loud arguement in front of a room of strangers.

My dear doctor, not everyone will throw themselves in front of you for you to trample on and bleed in silence. After my past extremely unpleasant encouters with you, I have promised myself, I will not take it in silence anymore next time around. I will not swallow the crap you hurl my way for no good reason.

What is your problem?!! Is it the fact that you are bitter, jaded, have a thousand past dissappointments in your 30-odd years on Earth that has made you so hard, so sharp, so devoid of understanding and empathy. Even so, that is not a valid reason for lacking simple courtesy. Are you simply genetically inclined to be a sour-faced bitch?

Either way, I couldn't care less. You mean nothing to me. I just hope you will think before you speak, bridle your sharp tongue. People are always telling us introverts that they should speak out more.

This BIG MOUTH idiot should just learn when she should SHUT THE @#$% UP!