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Saturday, October 14, 2006

'Sibuk' is my middle name

"Sniff sniff, what's that...oooh, do I smell something that can fill the rumble in my tum..."

"Hmmph...Nike ACG sandals in Addidas carrier bag, not interested, nose off!"

"Sniff sniff...IKEA GOSA DROMA pillow. Oooh, feathers and down, nice and soft. I like!"

"Nuuuuuuuuuu, all wrapped up! I've lost my chance. Andrew, will you share your birthday pillow with me?" *liquid, melting chocolate brown doggy gaze*

Hahaha. Isn't Jack the 'sibuk' Russel cute? Nosy thing too. According to Aaron (owner of Jack, photographer of above photos, gift wrapper), the bundle of energy was was just too curious with the contents of the box while he was wrapping it up and put its foot down (literally) on appearing in all the pictures!

What a mischevious furball, but oh, who can resist a dog who insists on jumping up at you on his stumpy legs (with extremely sharp nails!) and licking your face till it's dripping wet, all the while wagging it's tail at a furious speed? I can't. ^_^

Monday, October 09, 2006

Hair today, gone tomorrow

After 6 long years, it's time for a short break.

Smoke gets in my eyes

Pix courtesy of AP

I wish it would go away.

That a huge, raging thunderstorm with gusty winds would blow it all away. Dissipate it into nothingness. Quench the smoldering fires of the forest.

Alas, it seems but a futile wish. It appears here to stay for a while - to make my eyes itch, make me weary from sneezing bouts and my nose peel from overmuch tissue-skin friction.

What miserable days.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Good things come in pairs or double trouble?

The Boh Tea Estate

Was just looking through photographs from my weekend trip to Cameron Highlands and it dawned on me that, coincidentally, there seemed to be a recurring theme of "pairs."

Disclaimer: All pictures were taken with my Samsung D600 mobile phone. No, this is not a paid advertorial. =D

Twin mooncake pigs from Pun Chun restaurant in Bidor. Too cute to eat!! Expensive though. I think there was a sign in Chinese that said they were RM 30 for a pair, but I could be mistaken. (since I don't read Chinese =D)

Tea for two. Freshly-brewed, fragrant Cameronian tea and piping hot scones - that are crusty on the outside and soft and crumbly inside - with homemade strawberry jam, fresh cream and salted butter at the Olde Smokehouse. OMG. Orgasmic!

Two ripe strawberries on the vine. Tempting you to reach out, pick them and gobble them up!

Bouquets of gerbera daisies and roses, both in pastel pink cheerily brightening up my room. The flowers there are so cheap! Guys, you know where to go to stock up on flowers for that special occasion yea? Haha.

Double trouble? =D

OK-la, I'll spare you all any more cheesy pictures. =D Here's my absolute favourite picture of the trip. Check out the macro shot taken by my phone! You can see the water droplets on the lily and the glisten of water on the wet leaves. And the colour, it's just perfect- even if I say so myself. *smirk* Haha.