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Sunday, June 26, 2005

The sweetest thing

It was a busy, busy weekend for me. Had a friend's birthday party on Friday at Center Point, BU.
We watched Initial D after that. I liked it. I liked Jay Chou though he can’t really act but he was so blur and cute. Really brought the anime characters to life. I enjoyed the anime so it’s sort of expected that I would like the movie as it was a close adaptation

On Saturday, had a colleague's wedding. Though it wasn’t my wedding, I was kinda stressed. Did a lot of planning and preparation before that so everything turned out OK on the day. I won't go into the details except maybe a brief description of my outfit.

I wore a simple black top with a U neckline from Blook and the coolest skirt I’ve ever owned from Rhapzody, thanks to Lisa for I would have never even though of trying it or bought it on my own. My accessories were pink-themed (that’s why I went with pink eye shadow) and my shoes were pink satin sandals from Nose. I knew I look good that day. Perhaps even “the sweetest thing” hehehe…

As for the wedding itself, the food wasn’t that great. But it was a beautiful setting (a fine dining place called Rama V) and the ceremony was really, really sweet. It’s so nice to see a couple so in love with each other and I enjoyed the speeches the most. Though the speeches were nothing like the speeches in movies that of course have been written and re-written and edited a thousand times, the speeches in the wedding I attended were words from the heart and a real, true life account of how a guy and a girl fall in love and decide that they are “made for each other.” And that’s REALLY the sweetest thing in the world.