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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Wouldn't it be nice...

...if you could always trust your instincts?

...if substance was valued over superficiality?

...if people mean what they say and say what they mean?

...if shopping could be a profession?

...if wishful thinking would not be merely wishful?

Thoughts that ran through my head after coming back from Chiang Mai on a 4 day 3 night working trip late yesterday night. As I was holed up the whole day at the hotel in workshops, I didn't get to see much of the place except the night market. However, I did get to see a lot more of my workmates- at breakfast, lunch, dinner, during meetings, after meetings. An eye opener into sides of people that you spend most of your waking hours during working days with and yet you don't really know. Ironic, eh?

Shopping in Chiang Mai is superb! Cheap stuff ranging from clothes- spaghetti tops, dresses, drawstring skirts and pants, wraparound skirts and pants- to beaded shoes, imitation wallets, bags, loads of accessories, food stuff, sunglasses...

I went mad with the browsing, and of course inadvertant spending. Luckily, the things were cheap so I didn't spend that much considering the amount of stuff that I bought. Also, I had limited Thai Bhat which stretched a surprisingly long way.

The end result of 3 nights of "browsing" at the night market

1. Accessories galore! Love 'em all. 2. Ooh, check out my bedsheet of sheeps. I count them when I can't sleep. Hehe

I think I've earned the reputation of being somewhat of a shopaholic amongst my colleagues. I beg to differ. I'm more of a browser, and as some of my friends can tell you, I like to compare prices to get the best deal and am fickle minded. So that's the reason why I can spend so long shopping and prefer to do so alone: so people don't get impatient and irritated with me!

Besides shopping, also went for my first Thai massage. It cost me RM 20 for an hour. Not bad eh? Before going for it, I was told all sorts of things:

"They touch you EVERYWHERE!"
"They pull you up and swing you around (?!) at the last bit!"
"You can't sleep, it's more of a vigorous kneading unlike Balinese oil massages which are more relaxing!"

Despite all 'dire' warnings, me being the [self-proclaimed] adventurous soul that I am, decided to try the massage anyway...

The massage place which was recommended by other colleagues who had tried it out the previous day was just opposite Sheraton Chiang Mai, the hotel we stayed in. I went with 3 other colleagues. We were first served warm water followed by sweet spiced tea. We changed into loose fitting garments and our feet was washed by the masseurs in a bowl of water scented with rose petals and slices of green lemon that smelt like limau parut.

The curtained off massage room had flat mattresses with pillows and blankets and was cool and dark. There was a scent of sweet incense in the air. We were given a choice of "soft", "medium" or "hard" massage. I chose "medium."

Contrary to all above statements, the masseur didn't touch me EVERYWHERE-lar...and I almost fell asleep. There was a lot of bending and stretching involved but no crazy, Tarzan swinging me around her body move by the masseur which was what my wild imagination had pictured after hearing the comments. All in all, it was a very relaxing experience.

Thus, proving that your OWN experience is your best measure of things. Sometimes, what people say should be taken with only the tiniest pinch of garam.


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