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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Just feeling exasperated

Today was one of those days where nothing really goes wrong, and YET, nothing really goes right either.

At work
Boss's birthday. We only found out after lunch when we saw a bouquet of roses on her desk. Created a big hoo-haa at the office, and was the highlight of the day. It was a bit funny cause we bumped into the delivery guy while going to lunch and we were actually debating on who the 'lucky' recipient of the flowers were...little did we know...

Since none of us knew that it was her birthday, we lunched at our usual kopitiam where my pork ball noodles and iced water cost less than RM 4.

No interesting mails, no interesting online conversations, did a lot of proofreading and transcribing instead. Nearly fell asleep, it was so hard to concentrate. Even tea didn't work this time. Must have been all the late nights and postponed sleep accumulating and finally crashing down on me today. A wonder that I'm not sick yet! Which would be good, I can take MC! Hehe... I just wasn't in the mood to work at all, restless like hell and left work at 5.30pm on the DOT!

After hours
Decided to head to Mid Valley. Thought I could beat the Federal Jam. Mana tahu, already jammed! At least did manage to skip the stretch part between Taman Jaya and Jalan Universiti which wasn't jammed yet but from then on it was bumper to bumper all the way to Mid Valley. NICE!

At MV, it was kinda hard to get parking, just circled the car park enough times to get me irritated when I spotted a car reversing and flicked my indicator light on.

Went first to get tickets for a movie this Friday. There was a queue, not super long but I think I waited 20 minutes. Got the tickets, not perfect but at least it was far enough from the screen and there were still tickets left, not a total waste of effort.

See what I mean about nothing going really wrong, but yet nothing really going right either?

Met up with a couple friend for dinner. It was comfortably nostalgic in a way, as we used to hang out a lot before they got together. Things are different now. As a friend aptly put it, the dynamics of friendship are different now. Guess things change but dosen't mean it ain't for the better right?

Bought a top with some vouchers I got for splurging on skin care the other day. Only paid RM 1.93 for a RM 40-something-after-discount-top, not bad eh? Browsed around some more and regretted not getting a denim bag I spotted at Top Shop in Pyramid yesterday cause I couldn't find it in Top Shop MV.

Oh, got a cake for Boss tomorrow from Strudels as well, felt that it was my duty to do so. Guess there's nothing wrong with showing appreciation, but why do I feel like I'm being so fake? *sigh*

At home
Usual routine of eating some fruits and nuts before showering and sitting in front of my laptop. Mum called, talked to her, PL called, talked to her too. Still feeling down in the dumps, a mood that not even talking, shopping, blogging has cured! Sometimes I wish things would go terribly wrong and then I would at least have a reason to be depressed instead of this half-baked "not-bad-but-not-great" day where I can't event have a reason to RANT pitifully enough for people to emphatize with me!!

Heading to try sleep therapy now.


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