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Friday, August 05, 2005

Tanjung Rhu Langkawi

(Sunset at Tanjung Rhu Beach)

I'm writting this post from Langkawi! Wow, I'm really impressed by the resort that I'm staying at- Tanjung Rhu. http://www.tanjungrhu.com.my/english/home/main.html One thousand, one hundred acres of poetry is the resort's apt tagline. I couldn't agree more. This is a good place to get creative skills/juices flowing...

To think that initially I was rather lukewarm about coming...Glad that in the end I'm here. But it had to take me really stepping into the resort and into the room (which is huge and comfortable) to really get me a wee bit excited about being in Langkawi. They also have a long list of activities from yoga classes, to windsurfing, to mangrove swamp visits and the resort has it's own private beach which I've been told is magnificent...aiyo, don't think I have enough time to do everything esepcially with the conference that I have to attend...arghhh!!

(Resort and lagoon)

The resort has lots of greenery and foiliage, with lots of palm/coconut trees- I can't tell in the dark as I arrived at 9.30pm. The rooms surround a central lagoon pool which also doubles as a swimming pool. The restuarants are all open-air from what I noticed just now and they diners were serenaded with live orchestra complete with violin, cello, double bass. Hearing the strains of a string quartet really creates an air of polished opulence and luxury, just at like Suria KLCC where they occasionally serenade you with live orchestra/jazz/grand piano music while you shop. Perhaps making you feel "rich" will make you spend more?

This resort looks more like a high-class, swanky apartment rather than a holiday resort. The rooms are all housed in low-rise buildings (about 4 floors max) and even the reception area isn't like the typical hotel. In fact, I was checked-in in my room itself and was served the welcoming drink there as well. There was also a "fruit of the day" basket which today happened to be dukung...yum...I love the tangy sour-sweet taste of the fruit. I wonder what it will be tomorrow??

(Room of luxury..Mmm...but all alone!)

The room is equipped with a plasma flat-screen TV and DVD player! And the bed is king sized with complimentary chocolates in a quaint little box. The bathroom is also huge and so well equipped with toiletries that I really didn't have needed to bring anything. There's even cotton pads and cotton buds. How complete is that?!! Another plus point to this trip, I didn't need to share a room!! Ahhh...privacy!! Hehe, guess the pharma company ain't that cheapo after all.

Well, at least it's a good ending to a really tiring day. Had a late night again yesterday. Slept at about 3 am plus doing last minute packing. The plane journey wasn't that long, just 55 minutes from KLIA. I slept all the way. It was terrible dry in the plane cabin and I was ready to conk out the minute I arrived here. But after getting such a warm reception-welcome drink and all and being impressed with the friendly staff and great facilities at the resort, I'm all energized. I really think that I'm a night owl at heart and I'm at my most active when the sun had dipped below the horizon...Heheh...oh and FREE internet service as well! PLUS PLUS PLUS point. I'm such an internet addict eh?

Makes we wonder, how much does a night of luxurious comfort cost at Tanjung Rhu?


At 10:20 PM, August 08, 2005, Blogger Snoopy said...

Feel like visiting langkawi again by reading at ur description. Stayed in Langkasuka resort last time i went langkawi b4 tsunami.. feel great too. But urs is definitely much more interesting n comfortable.


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